6 Elements Of Online Marketing Trends Beyond 2021

Elements of online marketing

India is the largest country in the world and therefore has many opportunities for the people. So That when it comes to Online marketing trends Is going to be booming in the coming years. Due to the Covid 19, it has become very important for the business to have an online presence. Having an online presence, they can promote products and services through online marketing.

        In this blog, we will understand the future of online marketing in 2021. Due To Covid 19 the change that is possible after 5 years, we are currently in that position. When we compare traditional marketing with online marketing, we find that online marketing has significant benefits. For Example, it’s effective and economical, after some research we find 6 online marketing trends. one for each business and one Online marketer it is important to invest time to focus on the below 6 trends.

6 Elements Of Online Marketing

6 Important Practices that we have to understand In Order To Service In Online Marketing beyond 2021

1- Live Video (Upcoming Online Marketing Trend)

Live Video

The largest company Cisco Predicts That 80% Of all internet traffic are come from live Videos.Videos plays a vital roal in Online Marketing.Therefor Youtube became a mostly used search engine.Nowadays even a school going child now how to search a video in youtube.many people use this livevideo as the most powerful content marketing tool.

Most Importantly We also work on live streaming because it allows you to drive two way communication with customer.We can have a Q&A session with live streaming which is not possible in pre recorded video.As brand we have to use this trend 

Some Interesting Stats About Live Video and Streaming For Online Marketing

  • 80% of Customer prefer Live streaming rather than reading a blog
  • Due to covid19 There is 980% increase in minutes live streaming for e learning 
  • 1300% increase in minutes live streaming for Health and fiteness .

2.Audio Content (Podcast) (Booming Online Marketing Trend)

Audio Content (Podcast)

The terms audio podcast voice marketing and audio experiences all refer to the practice of producing audio content. Commonly in the form of radio shows. podcasts or smart home assistant skills when we think about online marketing we think about facebook,display ads attractive banners.Audio podcast or marketing is the very old form of marketing method which is trending now.But Due to voice search modification. whatsapp voice messege every social media platform is focusing on audio content Therefore Brands are promoting there products and services. in application like Ganna and spotify too.

Podcasts are also becoming popular clarify podcasts are series of recorded audio files that can be subscribed to By People.In America Often use the podcast for entertainment purpose because of decrease in the Tv Views. Podcast streaming is popular nowadays.Streaming for the podcast is increasing massively because of covid 19 pandemic people are listening podcasts. so as a brand we have to shift our focus to podcast as well because its growth and have huge opportunities

Some Interesting Stats About Audio Content

  • 18 to 24 year olds listened to a podcast for the first time in this year
  • It is observed that Morning 6AM To 9AM  was most popular time to listen podcast and audio’s
  • In 2018 brands spend $479 Million to advertis on podcast in USA

3 User generated Content (More creator started content creation For Online Marketing) 

3 User generated Content (More creator started content creation For Online Marketing)

To Understand This online marketing Trend One Must know what is content creation .To Clarify Content is nothing but the process of making marketing material that helps business to convey the message.Now the Question comes what is User generated content ??In other worlds Brands always share their customer reviews And testimonials on their social media account,website .

                                  That Is To Say It is nothing but the content which is any form like photos videos audio and article.Which is shared by users on social media.Almost 74% of consumer use social media to share about there purchasing decision.Lets look at some example of user generated content Reviews of customer,testimonal of customer,social media.We often see in many website that every brand gives recent reviews of their client.Because them to win the trust of new customer who visit there website or social media handle.So brands need to pay full attention to take reviews from there customer and highlight them on the social platform.

4.Brand Activisum ( Brand have become more active on internet post covid )

Brand Activisum ( Brand have become more active on internet post covid )

Brand activism is the type of activity in which business plays a important role in the processes of social change. Applying brand activism, businesses show concern not for the profits but for the communities they serve. And their economic, social, and environmental problems, which allows businesses to establish value-based relationships with the customers.It will help them to increase brand awareness and we know that every brand is giving some amount of problem.

Brand activism as a marketing practice which is performed not for purchasing a product is more than just a transaction. It is an extension of their views, beliefs, and lifestyles.Based on surveys, it matters to consumers that the brands .Part of the marketing policy of companies like Nike, Puma, Starbucks,Microsoft is to take a stand against social injustices. 

   For Example In India many brands are following brand Activisum.Brands increase there brand awareness we will see some of the brands 

Brands Which Are Pramoting Brand Activitsum in India

     – Mahindra & Mahindra 

 ( Initiate And Funded The Campaign  # SeedThe Rise)


   (Initiate And Funded The Campaign #EndAcidSale)

  • It Is Said That 78% Of The internet user thinks brands are involved in political issue to earn money
  • Brand activitsum matters most to young people as theire brand habits are formed. This makes brands to stay with consumer for many years

5.Branded Content (Brand Providing Info)

Branded Content (Brand Providing Info)

Branded Content means using articles,videos and podcast to promote your brand,branded Content does not includes use of traditional Marketing.As We Are Doing online marketing the ads what we gets in our Facebook feed Branded content. Gets more attention and creates brand recognition. Consumers like branded ,Customes like branded content because they believe the content more consumer-focused.

Since the message isn’t a sales pitch, it creates rapport between the brand and the consumer. Traditional advertising does not have the same outcome. Future have huge opportunity for brands to create and using braded content.Branded content include podcast, quality YouTube vidoes and articles in recent time.brand use this kind of content to improve there brand awareness and loyalt

For Instance Some Of The Important Stats About Future Branded Content

  • 23% Of Marketer’s don’t interact with a piece of  branded content if the first one was disappointing 
  • 54% of consumers don’t trust the majority of branded content they see online
  • 57% Of consumers think that less than half of brand create content that resonates as authetic

6.Nostalgic marketing (Using memes for Online Marketing)

Nostalgic marketing

One of the latest marketing trends was Nostalgic marketing.Which aims to capture (or in most cases, re-capture) audience attention by tapping into older or more familiar trends. Nostalgic marketing means that we can use old or well-known marketing trends because your audience is very familiar It for example we can use memes or fun memes to reach your customer sentiment that actually I work well and it brings good awareness your brand to the customer’s mind.

                Mame is a group of cultural behavior that extends to human behavior. Move information that is transferred from one person to another, is another most commonly used Internet marketing strategy Specialist. Your services and it helps you increase traffic.

Breaking News About Nostalgic Marketing


In Conclustion

We have Come to End Of this post it means that you have understand the future of online marketing.For Any Business Adopting above Online marketing is very important and most important & brand should focus on adopting all trends.maintain a good balance .

To sum up,

When You Are Making Your Marketing Campagin make sure you consider above trends and make necessary changes accordingly .Stay one step ahed of the market and use pooinfotech.com to build your marketing solutions 

It is time to use above trends in your marketing tactties.And take inspiration from well establish brands how they are promoting mentioned trends