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Our Corporate projects service gives Every LARGE Corporation a LARGE output.

Digital marketing services have been shown to increase lead generation, sales, and revenue.

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What is Corporate Projects Service?

Corporate Projects Service is specially designed package for Big Organisation and Companies. This service includes choice of Flexible Plans Option, Scalable Strategy, Digital PR, Branding, Suitable Payment Option and many more. Marketing has changed more in the last ten years than it had in the previous hundred, ushering us out of the era of TV commercials and print ads and into the era of websites, online video, social media, and Google. Consumers today are constantly connected to the internet—adults in the World now spend up to 6 hours per day consuming digital media, and that does not include those whose jobs are internet-dependent.

As we are the best digital marketing agency for corporate projects and we have the Digital Marketing Team at Pooinfotech to assist you in developing an online marketing strategy to drive more qualified visitors to your site and convert those visitors into leads and sales. What exactly are you waiting for? Contact us today to begin dominating the internet.

Corporate Projects

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Our Corporate Projects Service include:

Competitive Analysis in Digital Age

A data-driven approach is required for any successful digital marketing campaign. Pooinfotech digital competitive analysis includes a market analysis of your website as well as three competitors. This lays out a clear path for improving your website’s SEO and PPC performance and generating more leads and sales.

Website Design and Development

Your website is the foundation of your online presence and search visibility because it feeds information to Google and other search engines. Pooinfotech website design services lay a solid foundation for your campaigns, meet Google’s page speed and experience standards, and convert more site visitors into leads.

Search Engine Optimization Service

Because search engines account for 93% of all online experiences, SEO services are required if your company wants to increase website traffic, leads, and sales. SEO results in higher Google keyword rankings, which leads to more qualified website traffic, leads, and sales from the web.

Local SEO/Google My Business Listing

When looking for a local business, 97 percent of consumers go online, and 82 percent of smartphone users use a search engine. Use local SEO services to reach out to them. Your customers are looking for your company; let Pooinfotech assist them in finding you.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a short-term and long-term digital marketing strategy that can help your company rank at the top of search engine results. You don’t have to wait for your rankings to improve; you get instant visibility and leads. You get a PPC team that is backed by Google to optimise your campaigns, reduce your cost-per-lead from PPC, and increase ROI from your digital marketing campaigns.

Google Local Service Advertising

The most cost-effective home services marketing strategy is Google Local Services ads. Local Services, which can be found at the top of Google on both mobile and desktop searches, connects your company with qualified customers who are looking for your specific services right now. The ad management team at Pooinfotech Local Services will manage your entire campaign, from profile setup and optimization to setting bid strategies and disputing calls on your behalf.

Paid Ads Service

Display advertising, Re-marketing, shopping ads is a type of paid marketing that targets unsuspecting consumers based on their demographics. Do you ever wonder why, after looking for a product online, you seem to see that same product and company everywhere else you look. Create engaging advertisements that raise brand awareness and connect with customers before they need you.

Advertisement on OTT Platform

OTT (over-the-top) advertising has been shown to boost brand awareness in home service businesses’ digital marketing campaigns. Improve leads and brand awareness by using OTT advertising to supplement SEO, PPC ads, and your entire digital presence.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a low-cost way to grow your business, generating $44 in revenue for every $1 spent. By sending custom email newsletters to your prospects and existing customers on a monthly basis, our professional email marketers help your business stay top-of-mind with them. While you generate more leads and sales, our team handles the design, copywriting, and customer list segmentation.

Social Media Marketing

Because social media users spend an average of three hours per day on their preferred platforms, social media marketing is an effective advertising strategy for growing leads and engaging with your local community. Increase your page likes and followers on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others!

Management of Reputation

It’s all about your reputation. According to studies, 75% of consumers trust a local business more if it has positive reviews, whereas 60% of consumers say negative reviews make them not want to hire a business. Blue Corona’s reputation management services assist you in generating more reviews and managing/responding to negative reviews on your behalf.

Media Planning and Scheduling

Mass media marketing campaigns can be a pain, especially when it comes to buying ad spots and planning integrated campaigns. Blue Corona’s media buying and planning services for home service companies take the guesswork out of scheduling TV/radio commercials and outdoor advertising. Allow us to create a fully integrated campaign for you.

Create your online presence with Website Development Service

Why Choose Pooinfotech for corporate projects service?

Time Saving Digital Branding Service.

Consistency Triumphs

The most important aspect of developing a brand is consistency. Colors and fonts, for example, must be complementary. At Pooinfotech, we have a fantastic creative team whose main goal is to design and execute campaigns that encourage a target audience to buy a company’s products or services. Therefore we are recognized as a top digital marketing agency for corporate projects

Detailed Reporting

That you can actually comprehend, what link your digital marketing services to your bottom line. You will receive the detail reporting form the account manager on monthly/weekly/according to campaign.

Detailed Reporting of corporate projects
digital marketing agency for corporate projects

Assurance of Backing

Because digital marketing is a long-term investment, we prefer to form partnerships rather than acquire clients. You can be confident that your dedicated account manager will attend to all of your needs and will exceed your expectations in terms of results. Most importantlyPooinfotech guarantees that every client who joins us will be completely satisfied, as it has been for the past four years. 

Your Growth our Responsibility

What Makes our Corporate Projects Service Unique?

You will not be bound by long-term contracts.

We will not handcuff you for a set period of time. Never, ever. While we recommend giving your campaigns at least three to six months to fully ramp up, you are free to leave at any time and take your assets with you.

You will be the owner of all accounts, include your website.

Some low-cost digital marketing firms include “free” websites with their services or provide websites hosted on their “proprietary platform.” These are warning signs that you are about to be handcuffed into an unfavourable contract.

You will control your marketing expenses.

Everything we do is tracked using advanced analytics, allowing us to continually optimise your campaigns. This means you spend less while receiving more. Also before spending on Ads the proper breakdown of spend will be delivered to you

You will be alloted a dedicated account manager.

You will be guided by a dedicated account manager, as well as a full support team consisting of an SEO analyst, a web designer/developer, a PPC analyst, and a professional website copywriter.

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Meanwhile you will be assigned a dedicated Branding manager. This person is trained in Branding and likewise has experience of working with clients similar to your industry. This person will be your main point of contact. All of your Content copy and graphics will` go through an internal review process to ensure that you receive quality work every time.

To lay a solid digital foundation, most businesses will require website design as well as customised tracking and analytics integration. Then, as “core services,” SEO, PPC, and Local Services advertising are strategically layered into their marketing mix. Aside from that, which services are best for your company are determined by a number of factors, including your budget, goals, and product/service.

Corporate Project Service includes various services packed in a single Package. This service varies according to the business and at which point their business is today. Few of the services include branding, paid marketing, logo design, SEO…etc. This service according to the business when packed together creates a huge impact on the market as well as on competitors.

Corporate projects Service added value is measured using the same metrics you use for any other marketing activity: traffic, leads, and customers. Branding leads your product/service all together to a different level. But counting the number of fans or followers you have can help you understand your social media reach, but the bottom line that determines its success is how many people it drives to your site, how many of them are qualified leads, and how many of them actually become customers.

Marketing services can cost anywhere as low as ₹2,000 onward per month, depending on the package you choose. Every Corporate Service digital marketing package at Pooinfotech is tailored to our clients’ sales objectives, marketing requirements, and desires.

So , as you know we are the  great digital marketing agency for corporate projects, we provide qualifying clients with monthly reports and have a reputation for responsiveness and attention to detail. During our intake call, we will establish reporting and communication expectations. The most important thing to remember is that we are fundamentally data-driven. That is, our account managers provide transparent reporting and metrics throughout the marketing funnel from the Impression to sale

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