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With an agency styled training approach, learn Digital Marketing in Pune and Solapur from specialists with the focus on all-round strategies. Pooinfotech Digital Solutions Provides Practical Digital Marketing Training In Pune and Solapur. 


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Program Overview

classroom training
  1. We provide a Classroom practical training program + Modern Internship with live projects.
2. You will get to learn 42 Modules Including Freelancing, Affiliate, Website Development, SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, etc.

3. 17 Certifications Including 12 Google Certificates, 3 Hubspot Certificates, 1 Digital Marketing Course, 1 Internship Certificate.

maximum student

4. Our intake for each batch is maximum 12 students.

5. We also provide PC/Laptops for students who do not have their own devices *(these can only be used in classrooms).
  1. We will help you build Digital Resume on Pooinfotech Website, Resume Presentation, Mock Interviews, Question Bank.
placement assistance
7.We assure you 100% placement assistance.

8.We’re providing you with free 1 year Domain, Hosting, SSL.

digital-marketing tools
9. You get to use marketing tools for free worth Rs.5000+

10. With 50+ assignments and assessment you will be trained to accomplish any job.

Who all can be a part of this course

The Digital Marketing course does not require any particular requirements as such. However, anyone from the 12th to the graduates, working professionals, business owners, freelancers, etc. will be able to attend the best Digital Marketing Courses in Maharashtra. Also, it is ideal for IT professionals, college students, traders, sales and marketing professionals, etc. The greatest part of this business is that the applicant does not need to be of professional background.

You have many jobs, opportunities, and higher pay rates than USPs by digital marketing. Upon entering the Digital Marketing course at our Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune and Solapur, you will have access to lucrative career opportunities.

Job Seekers

Job Seekers: Students- Technical/Non-Technical

Who are eager to gain knowledge in Digital Marketing, for better career & job prospects.

Recruiters from the field of Digital Marketing expect a particular set of skills and practical knowledge from the job seekers. As a result, Pooinfotech comes for the Digital Marketing Training in Pune and Solapur. We train you exactly in the aspects that the industry demands. Therefore, as you walk out, you are industry-ready in the true sense of the word. A Digital Marketing professional that the industry is looking for. In conclusion, book your seats now, and let the employers come looking for you

Business/ Start-Up Owners

Business/ Start-Up Owners: ROI Increase

Who want to see their business grow & explore more strategies using more online marketing media. 

Pooinfotech Digital Solutions, as leading Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune and Solapur, we have come up with a complete Digital Marketing course in Maharashtra that is designed considering the business owners as well. Learn the Digital Marketing essentials along with their application for businesses, and implement them to meet your business goals successfully and in quick time. As a result, Digital Marketing is the only & simplest way to make your business rule online! So, master it with Pooinfotech Digital Solutions, and watch your business grow and prosper!

Salary Hike

Domain Shift/ Salary Hike: Job-Employee

Working professionals who are willing to get a hike in their current salary by giving the best results.

Working professionals now have a chance to take advantage of this add-on skill that would take their career positions. Yes, we are talking about Digital Marketing Course. In these times, no profession has been able to escape Digital Marketing. Having knowledge and skills of the same would help professionals in one way or the other. A BOOST factor for your existing career!

So, enroll for Pooinfotech Digital Solutions’ Digital Marketing Training in Pune and Solapur, and experience for yourself!

Freelancers/Housewives/Part Time Job/ Income

Freelancers/Housewives/Part Time Job/ Income

Who are willing to earn from home and showcase talent.

An ideal platform for housewives and people who are looking for extra income, to earn good money while sitting at your own places. Pooinfotech Digital Solutions will help you to showcase your talent and establish a successful career. Also there are huge freelancing opportunities where start-ups look for freelancers to support them in completing their projects.

Apply now for Digital Marketing Training in Pune and Solapur at Pooinfotech Digital Solutions’, and start earning from home

New Upcoming Batches

Batch Time

8am to 10am

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7pm to 9pm

Start Date

1st july

4th April

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60 Days

60 Days

60 Days

60 Days

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Skill You Acquire

How to get high-paying job

How to get high-paying job

Establish yourself as an expert in the field with Practice Mock technical interviews, Mock HR interviews, Question Bank, Quizzes also get a personalized portfolio on Pooinfotech website which will make a bang to High-paying job.

Learn to start your agency

Learn to start your agency

Looking to start an agency of your own? Our experts will walk you through all the basics of an online agency building.

Master Digital Analytics

Master Digital Analytics

When planning your digital strategy, analytics and statistics are all that matters. Learn the various analytical methods and their significance and keep your fingertips with the right results.

Become an International Freelancer

Become an International Freelancer

Learn how to put yourself as a foreign freelancer, define possibilities, and coordinate companies around the world.

How to pitch confidently

How to pitch confidently

Understand their requirements and build on 360-degree digital marketing experience to learn how to offer a killer pitch to your prospect.

How to become a highly paid Influencer

How to become a highly paid Influencer

Grow your base of followers, increase brand loyalty, network with brands, and learn how to become an influencer who is highly paid and successful.

Why Career in Digital Marketing ?

  1. Digital Marketing careers are in high demand right now.
  2. Digital Marketing jobs are in demand
  3. Digital Marketing are the easiest high paying jobs
  4. No Coding Knowledge Required


Digital Marketing Career Opportunity

  1. Campaign Manager
  2. Internet Marketing Consultant
  3. Internet Marketing Specialist
  4. Digital Marketing Executive
  5. SEO Executives

6. Social Media Experts

7. Digital Marketing Manager

8. Digital Marketing Consultant

9. Digital Media Experts

10. SEO Guru



With multiple jobs in digital marketing, digital marketing is a thriving, complex, and vast marketing sector. Each specific job role helps you learn the right digital marketing competencies and strategies. Digital marketing has numerous job tasks, such as organizing, managing, providing an organisation with the right information, reaching people through social campaigns.. The roles and responsibilities of digital marketing are to use PPC, SEO, SEM and other tactics to establish strong and innovative digital marketing campaigns to drive visitors to the website of the organization and to raise awareness of company goods and services.

Our Digital Marketing courses would make you an expert to take on a job like marketing management. We are one of the leading Digital Marketing Institutes in Pune and SolapurDigital Marketing Managers are responsible for planning and managing marketing campaigns that promote the brand, products, and services of a company. Their responsibilities include planning campaigns, analyzing metrics and trend identification. They typically have experience in social media and art direction.

Countries have the Most Scope for Digital Marketing

  • 1. India
  • 2. Canada
  • 3. Australia
  • 4. United Arab Emirates
  • 5. America
  • 6. United Kingdom
  • 7. Ireland
  • 8. Philippines
  • 9. Singapore
  • 10. Netherlands
  • 11. Spain
  • 12. Germany

Cities in India with the most scope for digital marketing

  • 1. Hyderabad
  • 2. Pune
  • 3. Bangalore
  • 4. Mumbai
  • 5. Noida
  • 6. Gurgaon
  • 7. Indore
  • 8. Bhubaneswar
  • 9. Ahmadabad
  • 10. Delhi

Digital Marketing Tools & Platforms


Fill the Form and Download Syllabus Now

In-depth Syllabus

This Digital Marketing Training in Pune and Solapur from Pooinfotech Digital Solutions is perfectly designed by the experts to not just provide theoretical knowledge, but also teach its practical implementation through the 42 Modules of Digital Marketing. These in-depth modules and sub-modules cover every aspect of Digital Marketing. The practical oriented training provided as a part of this course is not only useful, but a value addition to anyone who is, or wants to be associated with Digital Marketing. Be it job seekers, working professionals, freelancing enthusiasts, business-minded, etc. Its flexible nature makes Pooinfotech Digital Solutions stand out among the various Digital Marketing Training in Pune and Solapur.

  1. What is Marketing?
  2. How We Do Marketing?
  3. What is Digital Marketing?
  4. Digital Marketing Platforms and Strategies
  5. Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
  6. Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing
  7. Defining Marketing Goals
  8. Latest Digital Advertising Trends
  9. Case Studies of Digital Campaigns.
  1. How to Create a Design from Scratch Using Canva?
  2. Quick Tips to Make Your Designs Look Good
  3. How to Choose the Dimensions for Your Design?
  4. How to Create a Background for Your Design?
  5. How to Add Text, Images and More?
  6. How to Design Images for Social Media Posting?
  7. How to Download Your Creatives from Canva?
  8. Canva Masterclass
  1. What is Filmora? How to install it. Basic requirements.
  2. How to cut, crop, manage speed, transition, motion effects?
  3. How to add subtitles, title openers, PIP?
  1. Account Creation
  2. Page Creation
  3. Page Setup
  4. Linktree/beacon.io
  5. Profile Pic, Banner, Social Media Post Design
  6. Page Types, templates, basic settings
  7. Hashtag Strategy and Tools
  8. Story Highlights
  9. Business Suite
  10. Creator Studio
  11. Facebook Marketplace
  12. How to setup shop/services
  13. Social Media Optimization
  14. App Opener Tool
  15. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Integration
  16. Messenger Auto Reply, Quick Replies, FAQ setup
  1. How Facebook/Instagram algorithm works?
  2. How to do content research?
  3. Types of posts/content and what to post for particular brand.
  4. What is branding and brand elements?
  5. Design principles and colour psychology
  6. Pages/Profiles to follow and groups to join
  7. Content Calendar of the whole year
  8. Content planning templates
  9. Best time to publish post
  10. Facebook Content Planner
  11. Content analytics
  12. Instagram Insights
  13. Ninjalytics Tools for analysis
  1. WhatsApp Business Account Creation
  2. Business Info Setup
  3. Greeting Message, Away Message, Quick Replies and Labels
  4. Connect WhatsApp Account with Facebook and Instagram
  5. How to create Catalogue and market it?
  6. WhatsApp Tips and Tricks
  1. Facebook Creator Studio Post Scheduling
  2. Business Suite Story Scheduling
  3. Reel/Story Drafts
  4. Tweet Scheduling
  5. Canva Scheduling tool
  6. Free and Paid Social Media Scheduling Tools
  1. What is WhatsApp Marketing Software?
  2. Bulk Messages on WhatsApp
  3. Auto-chatbot creation
  4. Number filtrations
  5. 1-year free license of Software
  6. How to use it for Marketing Campaigns
  1. Facebook Ad account creation and payment methods
  2. User management
  3. Page/Profile/Account access
  4. Objectives and their meaning
  5. Types of Campaigns
  6. Budget Optimization
  7. Campaign, ad set and ad setup
  8. Detailed Audience targeting
  9. Ad formats and templates
  10. Advertisement policies
  11. How to do WhatsApp traffic campaign?
  12. Ad placements
  13. Inventory filtration
  14. Ad library
  15. Ad campaign planning and execution
  16. Analysis and reports
  1. Lead Generation form creation
  2. Lead form types and setup
  3. Lead Library
  4. How to setup lead generation as per business needs?
  5. How to export leads form Facebook ads?
  6. What is integrately?
  7. How to setup integrately automation for leads?
  8. How to get free automations for integrately?
  9. Different automations options
  1. How to create Business Manager Account?
  2. It’s benefits
  3. How to setup business manager properly?
  4. How to get access of client’s business manager?
  5. How to setup billing?
  6. How to add employees and provide access?
  7. How to use it for Digital Marketing Agency?
  8. How to apply Facebook Partner Agency?
  9. How to create multiple pixels?


  1. What is Facebook Pixel?
  2. How to install pixel into WordPress and Woocommerce website?
  3. How to add code manually?
  4. How to setup and track pixel activities?
  5. How to create custom conversion?
  6. How to create conversion campaign?
  7. What is custom and lookalike audience?
  8. What is remarketing?
  9. How to create custom and lookalike audience?
  10. IOS update information
  11. How to track sales through website?
  12. How to create successful remarketing campaign?
  1. Power of LinkedIn
  2. Benefits of LinkedIn Network
  3. How to build connections on LinkedIn?
  4. Creating LinkedIn Profile
  5. Optimizing the Profile
  6. Recommendations in LinkedIn
  7. Creating New Connection
  8. Creating Company Page
  9. Creating Showcase Page
  10. Customization of Page
  11. Posting Content in the Page
  12. LinkedIn Groups
  13. Finding Jobs in LinkedIn
  14. How to use filters in LinkedIn?
  1. Introductions to LinkedIn Ads
  2. Types of Promotions
  3. Audience Targeting
  4. Advance Audience Targeting
  5. Bidding Strategy
  6. Ad Format
  7. Ad Dimensions and Rules
  8. Remarketing Strategy
  9. Conversion Tracking 


  1. Copy writing vs Content Writing
  2. Content Marketing Strategy
  3. Best copy & content examples and case studies
  4. How content marketing works?
  5. How to get content ideas?
  6. How to write SE optimized content?
  7. How to write sales-oriented copy?
  8. Free tools for content writing
  9. How to use A.I. in content writing?
  10. Common mistakes to avoid in content marketing
  1. Introduction to Quora Profile Creation on Quora
  2. Searching Relevant Content on Quora
  3. Building Links Through Quora Answering
  4. How to Rank Your Answers in Quora
  5. Quora Analytics
  6. Quora Ad Account Creation
  7. Quora Campaign Types
  8. Quora Ad Groups
  9. Quora Ad Copies Creation
  10. Reporting and Analysis
  11. Case Study
  1. Benefits of Twitter for Businesses
  2. How Brands Use Twitter?
  3. Profile Creation and Management
  4. Customizing the Profile
  5. Types of Tweets and Statistics
  6. Content Strategy for Twitter Post
  7. Your First Tweet
  8. Analysis of Big Brands
  9. Twitter Contests
  10. What Is Hashtag?
  11. #Hashtags and Its Uses.
  12. Tools for Twitter Marketing
  13. Twitter Analytics
  14. Introduction to Twitter Ads.
  15. Types of Promotion
  16. Audience Targeting
  17. Advanced Audience Targeting
  18. Bidding Strategies
  19. Ad Format
  20. Ad Dimensions and Rules
  21. Remarketing Strategy
  22. Conversion Tracking
  23. Case Study
  24. Assignments for Practice
  1. Benefits of Pinterest Platform
  2. Account creation
  3. How to create board and pins?
  4. How to create Business Hub?
  5. Pinterest Analytics
  6. How to use Pinterest for SEO?
  7. How to build brand through Pinterest?
  8. How to get leads from Pinterest?
  1. Introduction to Email Marketing
  2. Importance of Email Marketing
  3. Popular Email Marketing Tools
  4. Email Marketing Goals
  5. Introduction to Mail­Chimp
  6. Mail­Chimp Pricing Structure
  7. Account setup and Settings
  8. Email Marketing Strategy
  9. Creating a Subscriber List
  10. Integration of Forms in WordPress Site
  11. Import Subscribers in a List
  12. Types of Email Marketing Campaigns
  13. Creating an Email Campaign
  14. What Is the Newsletter?
  15. Design a Newsletter
  16. Free Email Templates
  17. Marketing Automation
  18. Case Study
  19. Assignments for Practice
  1. What are Google Sites?
  2. Why and when to use it?
  3. Account creation
  4. Page setup
  5. Header, footer, Page linking
  6. How to use it for Google Ads?
  7. How to use it for SEO?
  1. Introduction to Search Engine Paid Marketing
  2. Google Ads Account Setup
  3. Interface Tour and Billing Setting
  4. Account Structure
  5. Campaign Setting
  6. Ad Group Setup
  7. Keyword Research Tools
  8. Keyword Match Setup
  9. Understanding Ad Auction
  10. What Is Quality Score
  11. Types of Bidding in AdWords
  12. Ad Formats
  13. Ad Guidelines
  14. Ad Extensions
  15. Google Merchant Center Setup
  16. Case Study
  17. Assignments for Practice
  1. What is Search/PPC/CPC/Text ads?
  2. When to use search ads?
  3. Keyword Planning Sheet
  4. Keyword planning tools
  5. Ad extensions
  6. Keyword planning chrome extensions
  7. Best practices for search ads
  8. Ad copy writing tool
  9. Headline generator tools
  10. Call/website conversion setup
  11. Google Tag Manager
  12. Conversion tracking process
  13. Competitive Analysis for ranking
  14. Bidding Strategies
  15. Technical Terms used in Search Ads
  1. What is Display/Banner/Image Ads?
  2. When to use Display Advertisements?
  3. Where does display ads displays ad?
  4. What is Search and Display Network?
  5. of Images/video and size guide for ad creatives.
  6. Best practices for Display Advertisement
  7. Image resizing tool
  8. Colour picker tool
  1. What is Video/YouTube marketing?
  2. How to create video ads using Canva/Filmora?
  3. Duration and types of Video Marketing
  4. Video campaign setup, bidding and optimization
  5. Video remarketing campaign
  6. YouTube account connection
  7. Marketing hack to gain more view on videos
  8. How to use video paid marketing along with SEO?
  1. Introduction to Search Engines
  2. How Does Search Engine Work?
  3. Components of Search Engine.
  4. What is SERP?
  5. What is Meta Title and description?
  6. Google Algorithm.
  7. Panda Algorithm
  8. Penguin Algorithm
  9. Humming Bird Algorithm
  10. Pigeon Algorithm
  11. Latest Google Updates
  1. How to Create a YouTube Channel
  2. Brand Channel vs Personal Channel
  3. User Management
  4. Video SEO and Channel SEO checklist
  5. YouTube Keyword Research
  6. Publish a High Retention Video
  7. YouTube Ranking Factors
  8. YouTube Video Optimization FREE Tool
  9. How to use Free Tool – VidIQ
  10. Promote Your Video by Google Ads
  11. Use of Power Playlists
  12. How to monetize your channel
  13. Basics of YouTube AdSense
  14. Google AdSense Account Connection
  15. How to start earning
  16. YouTube SEO hacks
  17. YouTube intro, end screen, cards, policies
  18. YouTube Thumbnail Clickbait creation
  19. YouTube Buttons
  20. Blogs to YouTube video creation tool
  21. YouTube Membership
  22. YouTube Merchandise, Superchat earning
  23. YouTube live-streaming Tool
  24. YouTube creator channel details
  1. What Is Local SEO?
  2. Importance of Local SEO
  3. Google My Business Account Creation
  4. GMB Account Setup
  5. GMB verification methods
  6. Local SEO Ranking factors
  7. Posting updates on GMB
  8. Google local guide
  9. Local Submissions
  10. Local business listings
  11. Best practices for local business ranking
  12. Case study of restaurant and institute
  1. What is domain, hosting and SSL?
  2. How to check domain availability?
  3. How to choose SEO friendly business domain?
  4. How to get best deal on GoDaddy for domain?
  5. Domain terminology
  6. What is the meaning of server and its types?
  7. Types of Hosting
  8. How to get best deal on hosting?
  9. What is SSL and why it is useful?
  10. What is DNS, Nameservers?
  11. How to connect domain to server?
  12. How to access C-panel?
  13. How to create customized business emails?
  14. How to sell hosting plans?
  15. How to apply/install SSL certificate?
  16. How to change default server/php settings?
  1. WordPress Installation and admin account creation
  2. Types of Websites
  3. How to install theme and plug-ins?
  4. Website Terminologies
  5. How to create page?
  6. What is section, column, element?
  7. Drag and Drop Page Builder Setup – Elementor Pro
  8. Page, Menu, Header, Footer Creation
  9. Free online tools for content research & creation
  10. How to follow best practices of best design?
  11. YouTube channels to follow for web design
  12. Must-have plugins for WordPress websit.
  1. Installing Woo-commerce Plug-in
  2. Woo-commerce settings
  3. Tax and shipping settings
  4. Location tracking settings
  5. How to create product?
  6. Product types
  7. Simple, Variable, Affiliate, Grouped Products Creation
  8. Attributes and variations
  9. Payment Gateway Integration
  10. Multiple Current and Shippable product Tutorials
  11. How to create digital product and market it?
  12. Elementor Pro enhancements
  13. User management
  14. Coupon Management
  1. What is Landing Page?
  2. How to create landing page using Elementor Pro?
  3. Must-use elements in landing page for sales
  4. Best headline generating tool
  5. Speed Optimization
  6. Single Page Menu creation
  7. Anchor links
  8. Hero Section
  9. How to add product to cart?
  10. Cart Element
  11. Pricing table
  12. How to writes sales website content?
  13. Elementor templates
  14. Elementor Library
  15. Best samples of landing pages
  1. Importance of App
  2. Benefits of Mobile App
  3. App Creation Tool
  4. Choose Relevant Layout Designing as Per Requirement
  5. How to Download Free APK File?
  6. Introduction to Google Play Console
  7. The process to Upload App in Play store
  1. What is ASO?
  2. ASO Goal
  3. ASO Ranking Factors
  4. ASO Best Practices
  5. ASO Strategy
  6. ASO Case Study
  1. What are blog posts?
  2. What are types of blogs?
  3. Introduction to Keyword Research.
  4. Types of Key Phrases
  5. Keyword Studies Methodology
  6. Business Analysis & Categorization
  7. Google Keyword Planner
  8. Google Trends
  9. Market Research & Analysis
  10. New Keyword Ideas
  11. Competition Analysis
  12. Finalizing the Keyword List
  13. Headline Analyzer
  14. How to write SE optimized blog?
  15. Things to include in blog
  16. Infographics creation, video embedding
  17. Content creation A.I. tool
  1. Introduction to On­Page
  2. On­Page Analysis Methodology
  3. Fundamental On­Page Factors
  4. Heading Tag, Alt Tag, Image Tag, Etc.
  5. Meta Tag Optimization
  6. Meta Tags Creation
  7. Yoast SEO Plugin
  8. Sitemap
  9. URL Optimization
  10. Canonical Tags
  11. Redirection Techniques
  12. txt
  13. DA, PA and PR
  14. Step by Step Implementation of Every On-Page Factor on Every Page
  15. SEO Analysis or Audit Reports
  16. Website Speed & Its Tools
  17. Google Web Vital
  18. Speed Optimization plug-in
  19. Best practices for On-Page SEO
  20. Schema Mark-up
  21. Image SEO
  22. Social Sharing Options
  23. Open graph
  24. Case Study
  25. Assignments for Practice
  1. What Is Link Building?
  2. Types of Linking
  3. Dofollow Vs. Nofollow
  4. Link Building Guidelines
  5. Page Authority
  6. Domain Authority
  7. Article Submission
  8. Local Business Directories
  9. Social Bookmarking
  10. Question and Answers Blogging & Commenting
  11. Guest Blogging
  12. Press Releases
  13. Link Building
  14. High DA PA links
  15. Off Page Link submission file
  16. Off-Page Audit tool
  17. Image Submission,
  18. Document Submission
  19. Links Analysis Tools: Backlink Watch, Rank Signal, Semrush, Ahref
  20. Competitor Backlink Analysis Using Tools
  21. How to Remove Spammy/ Unnatural Links Using the Disavow Tool
  22. Case Study
  23. Assignments For Practice
  1. Introduction to Google Search Console
  2. How to Install Google Search Console?
  3. Google Site Kit
  4. Search Appearance
  5. Rich Result
  6. Data Highlighter
  7. HTML Improvements
  8. Accelerated Mobile Pages
  9. Google Index Crawl
  10. Security Issues
  11. Search Analytics
  12. Links to Your Site
  13. Internal Links
  14. Manual Actions
  15. International Targeting
  1. What is Analytics?
  2. Importance of Analytics for Business
  3. Popular Analytics Software’s
  4. Key Performance Indicators [KPI] in Analytics
  5. bounce rates, time on page / site, exit rate, conversion rate, engagement rate
  6. Introduction to Google Analytics
  7. Installing Analytics Code in a Site Analytics
  8. Account Structure
  9. Interface Tour of Google Analytics
  10. General Tools in Analytics
  11. Realtime Reports
  12. Audience Report
  13. Acquisition Report
  14. Behaviour Report
  15. Conversion Tracking
  16. Goal Setting in Analytics
  17. UTM link Creation
  1. Basics of Google AdSense
  2. AdSense Property Verification
  3. Different types of Ads
  4. Increasing your profitability through AdSense
  5. Effective tips in placing video, image and text ads into your website correctly
  6. Google AdSense Policy overview
  7. Apply for AdSense
  8. Account help
  1. What is ORM?
  2. Why we need ORM?
  3. Examples of ORM
  4. Generate ORM Report
  5. Areas to Analyze in ORM
  6. Search Engine Results
  7. What We Need to Do in ORM Monitor?
  8. Search Results
  9. Monitor Complaint
  10. Sites Reviews
  11. Monitor Sites and Blogs
  12. Monitor Social Media
  13. Case Study
  14. Tools for Managing Reputation
  1. Why SMS Marketing Effective?
  2. How Does SMS Marketing Work?
  3. Difference Between Promotional Campaigns or Transactional Messages?
  4. Who Can Benefit from Using SMS Marketing?
  5. Best Sites for Bulk SMS Marketing
  6. SMS Marketing Tool Setup
  7. How to Send Bulk SMS Using Tool?
  8. SMS Template and Report Analysis
  1. What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  2. How to Apply for Affiliate Marketing Network?
  3. Amazon Affiliate Program
  4. How Affiliate Marketing Works?
  5. Understanding the Dashboard
  6. How to Find Affiliate Niche?
  7. Promoting Affiliate Products
  8. Top Affiliate Marketing Networks
  9. Methods of Promotions Affiliate Marketing
  10. Reports and ROI Affiliate Marketing
  11. Payment Models
  12. Best Resources for Affiliate Marketing
  1. What is influencer marketing?
  2. How to become an influencer?
  3. Successful influencer Case Study
  4. How to be niche perfect?
  5. Tools and platforms for Influencer
  6. How to select best influencer for paid promotion?
  7. How to do collaboration?
  8. How to approach influencers?
  9. How to create package for influencer marketing?
  10. When to use influencer marketing?
  1. What is Dropshipping?
  2. Alidropship Plugin
  3. How to setup Dropshipping account
  4. How to create pick and add product to website
  5. How to set pricing rule
  6. Best practices to be successful in Dropshipping
  1. Introduction to Freelancing?
  2. How Does Freelancing Works?
  3. How to Grab Freelancing Projects
  4. How to Pitch a Client for a Project?
  5. Freelancing Templates/ Proposals
  6. Freelancing Quotations/Pricing/Package
  7. How to Work on Freelancing Projects?
  8. Reporting and Suggestions
  9. Websites for Freelancing Project
  10. How to do bidding for project
  11. How to create portfolio
  1. What is Sales?
  2. Psychology in Sales
  3. Salesman approach
  4. Sales copy
  5. Sales scripts for calls/SMS
  6. Sales scripts for Email
  7. Case study on our Agency Client
  8. How to build confidence?
  9. How to have good communication skills?
  10. How to create online sales funnel?
  11. How to do sales without showing face?

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We’ll help you discover more clients online, taking it to the next level and build brand recognition for your business

Career Enhancement Cell​


We will be with you from writing the first blog to submitting it online to converting your first freelancing customer and earn dollars online.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

We will help you understand and realize your niche, your core strengths, and coach you in the right direction.


Mock interviews

Mock interviews will be conducted by our in-house placement managers to prepare you for D-Day.


Placement Drives

Digital Marketing Training in Pune and Solapur will assist you in getting placed in some of the best agencies and organizations based on your skills and specialization.

Digital Marketing Course With Internship

This is something you can’t find at any other institute. Since you are already working with us at Pooinfotech Digital Solitions as an intern in real time, your chances of having a digital marketing job are high.

As we all know, every day, the reach of digital marketing is growing. With more customers coming online, the demand for digital marketing is growing ever more. Our Digital Marketing Training in Pune and Solapur with Internship focuses on making you work in the form of an internship on live projects.

Along with the course you can work with our company as an intern for 3 months. This internship will give you a pace to explore whatever you learn in the training course every day. After completion of the course and internship you will be served with work experience certificate which will help you in your further job.

Not just that, we shall also help you in creating a perfect resume, conduct mock-up interviews at our office, discuss interview questions in the class and we also refer your profile to the companies and start-ups that we partnered with to make things easier for you to get a job. Our doors are always open for you. You can come at any moment, and we would be delighted to assist you.


Work on real time projects.
Practical Knowledge.
Get an experience of work for free.
Work experience Certificate.
Google Certification.
Mock Interviews
Free Interview Preparation.
Resume Building

Our Key Features


Learn how to monetize your learning

live projects

Work on Live projects

build your brand online

Learn how to build your brand online


Internship opportunities in agencies

Interviews and Placement Assistance

Mock Interviews and Placement Assistance

leading lights of industry

Get mentored by the leading lights of industry

best industry tools

Learn and master the best industry tools

learning environment

Agency based learning environment

Resume Feedback

Personalized Resume Feedback

public relations

Access to India’s biggest Digital Marketing Group

The reason why you should join Digital Marketing Training in Pooinfotech

Empower & Educate People through digital marketing innovations to reach their true potential.

Pooinfotech Digital Solutions happens to be trusted and look after Digital Marketing training in Maharashtra with 100% placement assistance on offer. As you walk out of the institute after the successful completion of the training, you would be transformed into an expert professional who is ready to start a career in Digital Marketing. One can choose amongst the various Digital Marketing specific courses on offer from Pooinfotech Digital Solutions based on their interests, and eventually kick-start their career.

With 17+ certifications being provided by Digital Marketing training in Pune and Solapur including that from Google, a course completion certificate along with an internship letter, will make your profile stand out from the rest, and make you highly employable. On the other hand, the practical training received here will help you while working on the real-time projects at your workplace. So, be a part of the demo session, enroll in our Digital Marketing training in Pune and Solapur, and assure a successful career and a bright future for yourself!!!Pune and Solapur

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Additional Benefits worth ₹30000

will be provided FREE
domain hosting ssl certificate

1.Domain, Hosting, SSL Certification worth ₹5000.

wordpress theme

2. Paid premium WordPress theme worth ₹ 3000.


3. Paid WordPress/ WooCommerce plugins worth ₹5000.

elementor themes

4.100+ Elementor Templates worth ₹ 5000.


5. Creative Poster Bundle worth ₹ 1000.


6. Textbook on Digital Marketing 2021 worth ₹1000 will be provided in pdf format for FREE.

social media calendar

7. Social Media Calendar 2021 with worth ₹3000 will be provided FREE.

software bundle

8.100+ Marketing Software Bundle worth ₹ 2000.

Students Voice/ Testimonial Videos

Students Placements

Google Certificates

Meet Your Trainers


Mr. Rajkumar Mashalkar

CEO at Pooinfotech Digital Solutions
6+ years of Teaching Experience in Digital Marketing

Pooinfotech New Batch 1st sept 1080 x 1080

Mr. Sagar

COO at Pooinfotech Digital Solutions
4+ Years of Teaching Experience in Digital Marketing


Mr. Karan

Digital Marketing Executive
Digital Marketing Expert (2+ Years of Experience)


Mr. Nagesh

Sr. Digital Marketing Executive
Digital Marketing Expert (3+ Years of Experience)

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Between 11am to 6pm





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General Questions & Answer

Upon completion of the course, the students will receive a certificate of completion from Pooinfotech Digital Solutions along with an internship Certificate, Google Certification, Hubspot Certificates

We would prescribe daily 2-hour sessions throughout the week to keep up to date on the course

All students who are enrolled in college, entrepreneurs, and businessmen/businesswomen who want to expand their business, mid-level managers, and freelancers in the industry who want to enhance their marketing knowledge would benefit from this course.

In today’s times, worldwide industries or businesses are struggling for creating and building brand reputation, higher sales through conversions, target audience interaction, deployment of cost-effective strategies, better revenue generation, reaching out to the vast number of mobile-based consumers, winning the trust of your audience, deeper penetration along with a better reach, allow the customers to take the desired action, so on and so forth. All of this is a result of the digital transformation that has taken place around us. To such an extent that it has become an unavoidable part of the marketing strategy for any business/industry. So, what is it that makes all of this possible? Well, it is DIGITAL MARKETING!!!

Digital Marketing has a huge scope and is made up of various types of marketing and other supportive tactics/techniques. Some of the major ones include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. The majority of the time, more than one of these techniques/tactics are deployed under the Digital Marketing strategy based on the requirements and the goals in sight. Each of these tactics/techniques involves making use of one or the other medium for the creation of brand awareness and its promotion. One can even carve out a career in any one of these, by acquiring the desired expertise! Digital Marketing Training in Solapur can help you with this.

Yes, that’s true! Be it any business or industry, Digital Marketing can work effectively and provide the desired results. As compared to the traditional or offline forms of marketing, Digital Marketing can bring both faster and better results. The highly penetrative nature of Digital Marketing enables different brands/companies to expand and reach out to their client base in a short period. Another benefit of Digital Marketing is that it is a cost-effective form of marketing as compared to the other forms. Now, which business won’t like to save on aspects like time and cost? That’s where digital marketing is proving to be successful.


We support various modes of payments like Credit/Debit Cards, UPI, Net-banking, and Direct Deposit.

Strictly no refund policy before, during, or after the course.

Top Queries asked by our students

Digital Marketing is the trendiest course that allows learning of marketing our products and services online through digital mediums like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Digital Marketing Course will be very useful for the students who complete their graduation or post-graduation. Many recruiters are looking forward to hiring Digital Marketers.

There is no specific qualification required for a Digital Marketing course. But, graduation is considered to be a minimum qualification for the candidates who want to make their career in Digital Marketing.

The following are the different Career Specialization Courses available in Digital Marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) Course
  • Content Marketing Course
  • Email Marketing Course
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Course

It’s better to do a 360 Digital Marketing Course For those who want to make their career in Digital Marketing.

With Pooinfotech Digital Solutions it will take 45 days. You can learn Digital Marketing Course hardly in 2 months.

Pooinfotech Digital Solutions prefer a maximum of 12 students per batch

Digital Marketing has different career specializations. Your designation will depend on the type of specialization in Digital Marketing. Like SEO Optimizer or Social Media Marketer or PPC Expert etc.

Common Digital Marketing Course FAQs by Employees

As Digital Marketing is getting a nice boom in the market, many employees are showing interest in learning Digital Marketing Course.

Many employees will have a doubt that Is it worth doing a Digital Marketing Course as we are already earning in a particular profession. But the candidates we are informing that doing Digital Marketing Course is full worth and the best thing. Digital Marketing Certification will add more value to your qualification. Along with that, you will have a handful of opportunities after completing the Digital Marketing Course.

Yes, you can learn a Digital Marketing course. Due to time limitations, many employees will think to learn Online Digital Marketing Course.

But candidates we are advising to join the best offline Digital Marketing Coaching institute. It helps you to learn the concept thoroughly. Pooinfotech Digital Solutions Gives you 100% Practical Knowledge.

Yes, you can. Digital Marketing is different from traditional marketing. We don’t need to visit customers, rather they will see our products and services.

Digital Marketing Course will help you to mold your career from traditional marketer to Digital Marketer.

For Offline Digital Marketing Course, verify the batch timings and join the training in your flexible time

Definitely, like all other courses, Digital Marketing Course also has the certification. Digital Marketing Course Certificate has more value in the market.

Candidates who complete Digital Marketing Course with full-fledge can get 17 Certifications which includes 12 Google Certificates, 3 Hubspot Certificates, 1 Digital Marketing Course, 1 Internship Certificate from Pooinfotech Digital Solutions.

Common Digital Marketing Course FAQs by Freelancers

We know that there are many freelancers in many cities. Freelancers will always find new areas and fields to work with. For such candidates, Digital Marketing is the best field to develop their working skills.

Yes. Digital Marketing Course is best for freelancers. You can work on your own for any kind of business by learning Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is the best option for small-scale businesses to promote them to the next level.

Candidates who are running a business are suggested to learn Digital Marketing Course to promote your business to the next level.

You can work with the following industries after completing Digital Marketing Course

  • Business
  • Software industry
  • Hardware Industry
  • Educational Institutes, etc.
  • Which Specialization should I select in Digital Marketing?

It is based on your interest. There are various specializations for Digital Marketing courses like SEO Course, SMM Course, SEM Course, Content Marketing Course, Email Marketing Course, etc.

Out of these courses, you can select the best course which is more beneficial to you

Common Digital Marketing Course FAQs by Entrepreneurs

As per searches, it is revealed that many business people want to learn Digital Marketing courses to promote their business next level. By knowing the Digital Marketing benefits all business people are showing interest in building their brand.

Digital Marketing is more useful to the business field. So candidates who are running a business can learn Digital Marketing Course and promote your business to the next level.

90% of Digital Marketing techniques benefit small scale businesses. By this, we can understand how the Digital Marketing Course helps the business.

It depends on the type of business. There are various business sites like E-Commerce etc.

In general, all Digital Marketing Courses will help you to improve the business. So, you can learn a digital Marketing course without hesitation.

Following are the benefits of Digital Marketing for Business

  • Cost-Effective
  • Quick Results
  • Great ROI
  • Unexpected Results

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If you are unable to make a choice and are in a dilemma, we invite you to participate in a demo class at Pooinfotech Digital Marketing training in Pune and Solapur and experience the kind of training you are going to take part in.

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Pooinfotech Digital Solutions will walk you through the entire curriculum and how it will help you in different aspects of your education and career.

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