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March 2021 - Till Present

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The Client :

Pooja V Bhala is a certified Numerologist, Tarot card reader, Vastu-Fengshui consultant, and an astrologer practicing for the last 12 years. She provides effective easy Vastu remedies without any demolition. She has successfully helped people to attain success and growth in business, conceiving babies, marriage problems, job promotion, selling property, etc. with the help of Vastu Shastra.

The Situation :

Pooja V Bhala had an unoptimised YouTube channel, she needed a properly optimized channel with more audience growth and reach

Our Value Add

  1. We studied her genere of content, her existing audience and her desired prospects, and the direct competitors on the platform with the similar type of content.
  2. Planned a proper SEO structure for the content, properly optimized existing channel, from channel SEO to trailer and much more.
  3. Provided a good market relevant content strategy and are well executing the regular content optimizing tasks for better reach.
  4. Thus successfully provided a well optimized channel with continuous growing subscriber traffic and a loyal audience base with a good amount of revenue

Grow of YouTube Channel

125K +

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