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Website Development

Objective :

Dynamic Website

Client :

Indu Ahuja

Service :

WordPress Website & Content Development

Project Compliation Date :

May 2020 to Till Date

Indu Ahuja is an Astro Numero Television Celebrity. She has been Brand Ambassador for the show ” Bhavishyapal Sitaron Se Hal ” as Crystal Ball Gazer and Pendulum Dowser. She is also featured on Zee Anmol, Zee Smile, Khana Khazana, and 9X. She is also a Vastu expert, Fengshui expert, Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist, and Business card consultant

Indu Ahuja Management approached Pooinfotech Digital Solutions to design and build a new website 

  1. We got to know their principals and studied their clients, their desired prospects and identified their unique expertise
  2. We designed Dynamic Website according to their criteria
  3. We developed carefully crafted content for them
  4. We optimized their Website for the SEO
  5. We wrote blogs for the Website. 

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Indu Ji Ke Remedies

Working with Pooinfotech has been a very good and positive experience. Their style of operation where they set up the structure and then they train and support you to manage your own site. So that you can eventually add new pages, edit existing or add or remove images as required 

Indu Ahuja - Mumbai