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Projects Details

Youtube Ad

Client: Lovely Kitchen

Sector: Youtuber (Cooking & Receipe) Channel

Projects Date: Jan 2021 till Present

Problem Statement

 Rita Bhalla shows you how to cook healthy food jhatfat fatafat (quickly) with everyday ingredients available in our kitchens. He want traffic for her Channel

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Solution Provided for google ads

Solution Provided

  1. We got to know their principles and researched target prospects, and unique expertise.
  2. We devised an SEO structure for the channel and a Content Calendar based on video content.
  3. We also planned a monthly and quarterly calendar in order to shape the content as needed. 
  4. After all the essentials steps we monitored the channel for a month.
  5. Then we promoted Youtube Video using skippable& non-skippable ads and grew her channel

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