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How does it works?



It’s simple. All you must do is tell your friends about Pooinfotech Digital Marketing Training.



Show them syllabus, why you choose it, your assignment etc. so that he/she can trust.



If he/she take admission you or he/she will get benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can I refer anyone or just friends?

You can refer anyone under the sun. Even if it’s someone you met while sharing a cab and barely know! Just make sure you have their details.

Is there a limit on number of people I can refer?

Is there a limit on how much money you’d like to have in your bank account? Or number of holidays you’d like to take? Or number of times you’d like to go shopping? Thought so!

Great, so when do I see the money?

You see the money soon after your referred tenant completes full fees with Pooinfotech

I’ve Enroll, now how do I share to friends/colleague/relatives?

Now you can shout out loud and make everyone listen. Or you could be slightly sophisticated and share your referral it over Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp SMS or Email.

Pro-tip: You can share various groups on social media that cater to helping people find best Digital marketing Courses.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Referrer will get Rs.1000 for each referral. If you cross 10 Reference then amount will be Rs.1500.
  2. Referral amount will be given after successfully confirmation of both the parties.
  3. If Referrer surrender the reference amount. Referral Amount i.e. Rs.1000 will be reduces from his/her total fees. Or Both can share 50%
  4. Refer amount will be given only completion of all fees.
  5. Refer amount will be deposit to the bank account/ Paytm Wallet/Cheque /Cash.
  6. Referrer can refer as many friends as he/she wants.
  7. The terms and conditions of this program can be amended at any time at the sole discretion of Pooinfotech.
  8. Pooinfotech can terminate this program any time at its sole discretion.
  9. Reference are not valid in offer period.
terms and conditions