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Benefits of SEO Services

Increase in New Customers

Leads gained though SEO has a 14.6% conversion rate into new customers to 1.5% from print advertising

Big Preference to search engine

90% of all online experience starts with a search engine. Therefore SEO is a must

Giant Traffic

Search Engine controls over 300% more traffic than all social media networks. So if your site is seo optimised your chances of getting traffic increases

Control on Search Engine

Google controls 70% of the search engine market

100 Billion Searches

In each month there are 100 billion searches are performed on search engine. Therefore it is not false to say that without SEO your website is incomplete

First Page Importance

75% of people never look beyond the first page of results. So it is necessary to be visible on the first page with the help of SEO

Position Matters

18% of organic traffic goes to the position #1 position in google 10% goes to #2 position and 7% goes to #3 Position

Increase in Mobile Search

Nowadays all the searches which happens over 80% searches occur through mobile devices. Therefore it is Imporatnt to have SEO on your side

Overtaking Paid Ads

75% of searchers ignore paid ads and gradually prefers naturally occured results. So investing in seo is the key factor to optimise greater results in less expenditure

Increase in Sales

An estimated 89% of consumers start a purchasing decision online. So your online presence will definitley help you to grow your sales

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Why Choose Pooinfotech?

Looking for the best SEO service? then you are at the right place. Pooinfotech Digital Solutions is expert in SEO service. We have 5+ experts in this field. Our in-depth analysis, strategy, implementation of work, and providing you high ROI are what make us special and different from any other company. 

Collabarate with experts

Local SEO, on-page, technical, site relaunch, industry-specific, penalty recovery, link building — we do it all with a custom, ROI-focused strategy that fits your business’s needs. Gain the edge you need to get ahead and a partner with nearly two decades’ experience in the SEO business

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Experts with results

As our clients of 5+ years can attest, Pooinfotech is not a vendor — we are an extension of your team. When you join with Pooinfotech, you get a dedicated, experienced team who knows your business like the back of their hands. And with unlimited access to your strategic account manager, you have a thought partner for life. You’ll have total transparency into the results you’re getting via regular status updates, detailed monthly reporting and in-depth quarterly business reviews.

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Our Process of Work

Keyword Research

Solid keyword and market analysis helps us to develop a well-informed SEO strategy and make accurate forecasts and estimates for the market you're in. We aren't in the business of making bold statements or making commitments we can't keep.

On Site SEO

We'll look at the layout of your website, its internal design, and other key elements that search engines favour. We will recommend improved alignment and relevancy to target your own unique keywords based on this data. We will advise on all aspects of Search Engine Optimization, from site migrations to schema and more.l

Recovery From Penaulties

Our team of digital marketing experts has extensive expertise in link audits and updating backlink profiles, and has assisted our clients in recovering from algorithmic penalties levied by Google, such as Penguin and Panda, as well as fixing errors made by them or a third party.

Link Building strategies

Link building is now widely regarded as an out-of-date strategy in online marketing. Links, on the other hand, remain the most simple scoring method. Today, 'connection building' is thought to include PR and outreach, as well as content marketing - all of the resources required to get your brand noticed.


We have strong relationships and interaction with many prominent publishers, writers, authors, and other influential outlets across a broad range of industries around the world at DubSEO. They've come to expect cutting-edge perspectives, well-informed opinions, and timely content from the brands we represent.

Content Marketing

Every marketing strategy would be supported by material that is both creative and persuasive. Our creative team consists of designers, developers, and writers. Thanks to their efforts, several brands have gained visibility in the media as well as recognition in leading business publications and blogs.

Interactive Content

Our team collaborates closely with designers, developers, and innovative contributors to produce excellent interactive content and infographics, which are essential components for a brand's online visibility. oogs

Social Media Promotion

Search engines have started to recognise and use social signals in their algorithmic scoring. It is critical that you connect with your target audience through all platforms and that your message and content are reinforced. DubSEO has the expertise to ensure that this is taken care of.


We enjoy gathering data to support our work, and we provide monthly reports to all of our clients that display conversion and sales trends, as well as analytics and visibility. In this way, the success of your campaign can be traced back to the amount of money you spent and the goals you set.

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Frequently Asked Questions for SEO Services

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a method of increasing search engine visibility for both people and search engines. Search engines, unlike people, have a hard time comprehending a webpage. When SEO is used, it aids search engines in determining what a webpage is about. Your website will be easily visible on search engines thanks to SEO. There are a plethora of SEO service companies to choose from. If you can’t afford them, read the greatest seo books from the links on the right instead.

Almost no one will be aware that your website exists. You won’t be able to prosper with your website unless it is easily found by search engines like Google. If your website appears in the top ten results on the first page of search engines, you can begin earning money. You can do it yourself or employ an SEO service if you have appropriate SEO skills.

Consider the Return-on-Investment (ROI) and make your decision. If you can, do it yourself or pay SEO professionals. The traffic generated by SEO results is superior to that generated by paid advertisements. Organic SEO is the best way to ensure a long-term search engine ranking position. Only SEO can make your website stand out among the over 250 million websites on the internet. It’s worth noting that top ranking websites receive 60% of all clicks from millions of search engine users.

It is dependent on a number of factors. No one can say for sure. The desired ranking can occur quickly or slowly. It could be determined by the keywords chosen. If you choose high-competitive keywords, optimising the pages to beat competition may take a long time. It will take time to change and edit the contents of your website. Off-page optimization takes time as well. You should work till you attain the required ranking; this will take more time (if there are any ranking issues in certain cases).

It could be quick or take a long time to get the desired ranks. It depends on the keywords chosen and the level of competition in the market. Don’t expect any quick fixes when it comes to SEO or page ranking. True SEO rankings take effort to achieve, but the benefits are long-lasting. When search engines begin to trust your website, it rises steadily in the rankings. Day by day, traffic will increase. Your profits will increase once your website is ahead of the competition. People will begin to trust your website and return to it on a regular basis.

It may take years for inexperienced site owners to achieve top ranks for internet success. Also keep in mind that if you make a mistake, your website will be de-ranked or removed from search results. Your business will suffer as a result. You can only do it if you have a lot of SEO experience. Learn more abilities by reading the books on the right side.

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