Let’s know what is digital marketing freelancing?

With freelance digital marketing, you can work independently or you’re basically working where you are not committed to a particular company for long-term. Your job as a digital marketing freelancer is to reach out to your client’s target audience, drive them to your client’s website, and convert them as paying customers.

Freelancing is a way of life that anybody can adopt anytime in their life and profession and it makes a difference how and where you do it and not by your past. Becoming a digital marketing freelancer is a possibly worthwhile, fulfilling and completely adaptable circumstance.

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How to start freelancing?

  1. Characterize Your Goals.
  2. Identify your talents and skills
  3. Locate a Profitable Niche.
  4. Identify Your Target Clients.
  5. Choose Your First Clients carefully
  6. Build a High-Quality Portfolio Website.
  7. Make Examples of What You Can Deliver (on Your Website)
  8. Set Strategic Price for Your Services.
  9. Figure out How to Pitch Yourself

1. Characterize Your Goals.

how to become a freelance digital marketer,

Goal setting is a significant job in work life, regardless of your career. Objectives are what assist you with developing and are tied in with finding a way to become the best version of yourself as a professional.  Setting specific goals helps to narrow focus on the strategies that you will use to achieve your goals.

2. Identify your talents and skills

Sit down and make a list of skills you got, then think about the other soft skills and talents you have. To become a freelancer, you need to identify whats you have expertise in Search Engine Marketing,  Social Media Management,  SEO, Content Marketer, etc.

3. Locate a Profitable Niche.

how to become digital marketing freelancer

Once you identify your talents and skills you have a pretty good idea of what niche you’re going to get into. Perhaps you haven’t limited your list down to a single topic area, but you’ve likely found a few ideas you feel pretty good about. At this point, it’s important to get an idea of how much money you have the potential to make in your niche

4. Identify Your Target Clients.

Defining your target market is one of a marketer’s most important tasks. It’s the foundation of all elements of your marketing strategy. The better you understand your target market, the better you’ll be able to target them. You can’t target everyone, but you can sell to everyone. Your target market should be based on audience research. You need to be willing to learn as you go and go after the people who really want to buy from you, even if they’re not the customers you originally set out to reach.

5. Choose Your First Clients carefully


As a beginner, you might get a couple of companies approaching you and asking you whether you’d work in return for exposure you should always choose the one which is a highly reputable company to work for free.

6. Make Examples of What You Can Deliver (on Your Website)

As a freelance digital marketer, you will need to build up a portfolio of work that you can showcase to your prospects as nothing is more convincing to a potential customer than a heavenly portfolio. As a beginner, your portfolio will be empty, no doubt. This shouldn’t get you stressed by any stretch of the imagination. The quickest method to populate your portfolio is by offering your services for free and in turn, ask for their review.

7. Build a High-Quality Portfolio Website.

how to become digital marketing freelancer in India

When you approach any client the first question that arises is “Can you show me some of your previous work?” So, if you don’t have an example to show on your portfolio (website) which would state your services/profile, then nobody will trust you. Even you would not trust anyone if he or she does not have a good portfolio.

8. Set Strategic Price for Your Services.

Knowing how to price your services is one of the most important parts of freelancing. There are options such as charging a fixed price per project or a retainer price or you can also charge per hour, you can charge them according to your ability to work.

9. Figure out How to Pitch Yourself


Pitching yourself is hard. And figuring out how to talk about yourself in a way that’s both authentic and successful. Even harder pitching yourself and selling yourself effectively is extremely important for a freelancer, as well as anyone who sells products, services, or themselves.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a freelancer?

Digital marketer can work from anywhere in the world, they save lots of time and money as they don’t have to travel for work. Simultaneously, some of the time they’re battling to work alone.

Advantages of being a digital marketing freelancer-

  • You work for yourself
  • You can work from anyplace
  • Get to work with clients of your choice
  • There is no limit to your income
  • Decision making is faster than working for a company
  • On the off chance that you need to change your profession, you can at present change
  • Exhibit your skill
  • Get the opportunity to work with the customers directly
  • Build strong connections
  • You can construct your own group

Disadvantages of being a digital marketing freelancer-

  • Can’t work for a bigger customer
  • Trust, History, Credibility won’t be on a par with a Company
  • No standard/fixed salary
  • You are just individual
  • Very little of associating with others since you are not working with a group
  • The workplace condition you may miss working and learning from others Co labourers
  • You will be separated from everyone else and Working as a group or driving a group you may miss that
  • It might be a challenging

Where you can find freelance digital marketing projects?

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