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Projects Details

Youtube Ad

Client: World of Bittu

Sector: Lifestyle Vlogger, Traveller & Youtuber

Projects Date: Jan 2021 till Present

Problem Statement

3yrs Old boy (Gyan Motiani) lives in the Bahamas, his parent’s requirement was to make a social identity of their child ‘Bittu’ (Gyan Motiani)  

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Solution Provided

  1. From January we started publishing videos on YouTube
  2. We then planned the proper Content and SEO structure.
  3. We then designed the Logo for the YouTube Channel and Social Media. Also a trailer for the YouTube Channel
  4. On later stage we provided strong and relevant strategy for the content on the basis of Market research & Competitor Analysis
  5. Above all step led the “World Of Bittu” successful SEO optimized channel which helps in increase reach, engagement, subscriber & loyal audience.
  6. Then we promoted the Youtube Video  

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